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How YEM can help your business

Do you get back to your enquiries within minutes, hours, ..days? Even a few minutes delay can cause people to move on to the next website. Today people expect instant access to the information they're looking for.

  • How well does your website convert visitors to customers?
  • Can you track where your enquiries are coming from?
  • Wondering how you can get more enquiries?
  • Are your marketing efforts giving a good ROI?
  • Do you spend hours following up with enquiries?

How much easier would your job be, if you had a system to; manage your enquiries, measure the effectiveness of your marketing, and partner up with other business who compliment your own? Get started today


Everyday 1000s of brides are planning their special day. Your challenge is to attract them to your website, capture their enquiry, and get them to book you.

YEM takes care of the hard (boring) bits

We've taken our years of experience (our staff includes photographers, a celebrant, MC, and event managers) to develop a suite of tools specifically for the event industry.

Over 80 venues manage their enquiries, sales, and events with YEM.

Best of all, you don't need to be a technology expert to get the results you're looking for. We've designed YEM so that anyone can use it, regardless of skills, tech geekory or experience level.

Answered Answered


  • Making the most of your website resources
  • Understanding where your customers are coming from
  • Reducing your marketing spend
  • Accessing advanced tools, unavailable to most businesses
  • Cutting out time spent on first responses
  • Hitting your sales targets this year

Ok, sounds cool, but how does it actually work?

  • Place the YEM widget on your website and start capturing more enquiries.
  • Your first response will be personal, professional and immediate.
  • You will receive reports on the effectiveness of your marketing spend.
  • You will have access to hundreds of leads from partner websites.

Give us two weeks to demonstrate the power of using YEM on your website. It only takes minutes to get started.

YEM in a nutshell



Engage you visitors with a suite of powerful tools developed for the event industry



Gain access to the hiden information you need to make better business decisions



Collaborate with your prefered suppliers to increase your enquiries

YEM is free to use.
No contract. No hidden fees.

The full suite of YEM tools and reports are free to use.

The widget you place on your website has an option for your visitor to view relevant services or offers from partner suppliers. These partner suppliers pay a small fee to receive these leads.

If you are looking to increase your bookings, you are given the option to purchase leads from other suppliers or venues.

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