First impressions

You have an enquiry, they have enquired at several of your opposition. 

What are you doing to send that is different that is better and will deal with the 60% of brides who skim their emails.

Response Email Options

  1. Send a template not an email - using a response system you can send much more impressive and professional looking templates

  2. Sign it off with your picture and your name and tittle and not "Events Team" even if there are several of you that answer emails - people book people not businesses be personal

  3. Short and to the point - Headline, context and info - the people who just skim through their emails will engage

  4. Have a picture in the header - a cracker picture 

  5. Include all the information they might want - all of it and make pricing or indiction of pricing clear and transparent

  6. Include a call to action, what to do next, tell the best thing to do now is...

  7. Have your template set a reminder for you to contact them again and check they received everything

  8. Have your response system load the enquiry automatically  into your data base and follow up system

  9. Have your follow up system give your conversion results and weekly reports


When you follow the same path, you end up in the same place, intend to get better at responding and getting ahead of your opposition, it is not just about your product, it is also about you... 

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Make your business more competitive with YEM PRO.

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