Well NO - there are a number of reasons why they may not have contacted you yet 

There could be so many reasons you have not heard from them and you may be missing opportunities if you think just sending information once and leave it with them is enough with todays clients - then you would be wrong.

It could be...

  1. The response email didn't get to them for some reason

  2. The response email did get through with 20 other emails and they meant to go back to it and forgot

  3. You added pictures and a PDF and it got stuck in the mail server

  4. They are looking at other things first and by the time they are looking at your service type they forgot you emailed them.

  5. They have to confirm their date first, so they put it on one side and haven't got back to it yet.

  6. They are gathering information but it is too overwhelming to respond yet


  1.  They are not interested

So you can see that it is really important to send them a simple quick short follow up and maybe add something quirky like....

Subject suggestion:

" I just wanted to get to the top of your inbox"

Always Just one follow up

You should always send just 1 follow - now I am not saying only send to them once, I am saying only follow up their enquiry once.


"Hi Jane, I just wanted to reach out to make sure you received the information I sent to you about your event and to invite your to.......


I have included all our attachments again so you have them and would be delighted to meet with you...." 

Set up a Follow up 1 Template that you can send quickly for each type of event you do or if you use a DATABASE set it up in there.

ONLY SEND ONE FOLLOW UP - they will unsubscribe you if you hammer them. Always respond that is ok that they are busy or they haven't responded no matter how cross you might be.


The next email you send should be helpful information, a "nurturing" email and the next article will explain these.

If you would like some help setting up your follow up template then shoot me an email

You sent information and heard nothing back - they are probably not interested right?

follow up.jpg
Simply sending a good follow up, say a week later, will put you in the top 8% of venues and suppliers.

How YEM makes this easy

YEM Pro has a template section in settings that allows you to set up different templates for each different enquiry type. Add event specific pictures, the right packages of links to information, PDF links and not PDF's so the email doesn't become to big to send or worse you don't have to email a poor resolution pdf just to keep the email size small.

Each template can be signed off by the right person and set up with call to action buttons like - book a meeting time to help increase site visit appointments.

Set the follow up template up once and then simply one click to send

In your YEM  Pro settings, you can create as many different email templates as you like 

Once you set it up, you can simply click send follow up from your inbox or from your notification and send an impressive personalised response with one click.

Impressive and very quick from any device, anywhere.

It is about creating a sales process for every enquiry
1. Make the follow up short

Short and friendly, let them know that you know they have a lot on at the moment and that you just wanted to be there for them.

2. Include your info again 
3. Only add links to attachments not attachments

Don't make the go back through their emails to find you info again, include links to it in your follow up.

Emails that are more that 5meg in size may have trouble being delivered. It is always tempting to add a few extra images or a great quality PDF to showcase your business but you may be stoping it being delivered. With YEM Pro in settings you can upload packages and PDF's to the server and then add them as a link in your email template so they have no size at all and hence won't cause delivery issues.

4. When you send to the client from YEM Pro

When you send to the client from YEM Pro your email and their response is saved into the activity log of their event as well as being sent to your email inbox. This will keep all communication in one story and make it very easy to see every email from every team member from when the client first enquired. From within the client event, in the action box, click Send Email and choose a template or just type an email as you would normally and it will be sent and automatically included in the activity log.  

5. Auto reminders

You can set a reminder for sending a follow up of any email and you will get a reminder and a link to the clients event where you can see what has been sent and send the follow up or the next email with just a few clicks.

6. Send templetes from a mobile

You can't cut and paste responses to send from a mobile device but with templates you can open a template, edit it on the fly and click send, all from your phone and the edited template is copied into the clients activity log so you always know what you or someone else has sent and when

7. Call to action buttons

You can add call to action buttons on the bottom of every email template to prompt couples to engage with you themselves and suggest a booking time of ask for more information etc.

These are simply added in the template and appear on the bottom of the email

Continue your sales process with a simple follow up email 

Send a quick follow up to keep engagement with each enquiry and to prompt them to start the sales journey with you. You may be the only supplier that continues to keep in touch with them.


Once you have made the template you can just send it each time with a click! 

If you would like some help setting up your follow up then shoot me an email