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Collate all your enquiries on one list

The first step to Best Practise of dealing with enquires its to collate all enquiries in on list.

Event businesses have 5 enquiry channels and capturing and responding to each enquiry and then collating them into one list for follow up reminders, future marketing database, conversion reporting. Adding them into a simple CRM or database is the easiest way to achieve this.

Even a spreadsheet that you can update is a start, rather than relying on folders in your email inbox. Improvement is difficult if you can not accurately track your enquiry numbers and conversions.

A simple CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) can:

  1. Auto load all your enquiries in one list

  2. Remind you when to follow up

  3. Auto update each enquiry status by sending emails from the CRM

  4. Report weekly on targets and enquiry numbers, advances and bookings

  5. Help you continue to nurture enquiries until they book or are lost

  6. Graph where you lost leads chose and why to help you in your sales process

  7. Use the auto created database for other marketing and promotions

You can not win the race if you don't get in the final and a good CRM will help you nurture every enquiry and maximise your conversions to bookings, getting you over the line more often.

If you would like to tour a simple free CRM built specifically for the wedding and event industry then click

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