The New Enquiry Page - Better Than Ever

Release 1.48 was shorter as we wanted to focus on making some incremental improvements to create a smoother, better experience for our veteran users.

New Features

New Enquiry Page

We’ve been doing a lot of work to improve the back end of the app – making things faster, smoother and more secure. With all that, we decided it was time to improve the front end.

Introducing the New Enquiry page. Now it’s easier and faster than ever to enter a new enquiry into your YEM account. Whether you’re on the phone, in-person, or from your website, this new in-put form makes five steps into one. Enter contact information, make notes, send a respond, create a reminder – all from one place.

Referral Trial Offers

After reviewing our old referral trial offers, we’ve redesigned the whole process. There’s less steps to claim referral trials and it’s easier than ever to learn how it works. If you haven’t tried our new referrals system, get in touch. We’d love to show you what’s new.

New Buttons and Set Up

Okay, so it’s no secret the YEM app does a lot of really useful things. But we realised the three key actions should be ready for you when you login in. Now the inbox features three buttons at the top – so you can always jump to the task you want to complete.

Updates and Fixes

Sales Tool Functionality

We had a handful of requests for more ways to use the sales page and its respective tools. There’s more coming in the future but we’ve made the first steps to adding new options of how this page can be used.

Contact Sent Response

There was a rare bug where some inboxes would populate with sent response notifications even though this either hadn’t happened, or did happen and didn’t show up. Mostly a problem for administrators but we found the problem and ironed out the kinks. All is working how it should.

Other Weird and Unexciting Issues

There was a handful of less notable small fixes. When administrators manually created new accounts, the enquiry tab would be created with two wedding options. So now it’s one. Repaired some rails problems that mixed up some website rendering – I don’t actually know what that means but the development team assure me it’s fixed. Some other little fixes for the customer support team’s administration tools as well.

Login and Improving Performance

This release was focused on making logging-in more elegant and making it easier for contacts to find the venues and suppliers they loved.

New Features

Magic Login Links

We know logging-in can be difficult if you have a long password, need to hop between computers or need to access YEM from a device where you’ve never logged-in before. So we’ve got you covered. Our new magic login link makes it easy for you to send yourself a unique, 24 only link that will help you access your account without your password – it’s really secure and super useful.


The marketing team started working to transform the preview page into the ultimate resource centre. The page is your number one directory for new features and optional tools. They’re aiming to teach new and old users about the best way to use YEM. It’s still a work in progress, so watch this space.

Emails and Images

We’ve been tinkering with how images are sent from our email templates to make sure they’re as high quality as they can be. More on this as it progresses, for now just know we’ll have solutions to ensure every single image looks great in every single email.


Updates and Fixes

Stopped Email Accounts From Talking To Each Other

People with out of office replies were automatically responding to notification emails from YEM – and YEM was responding to those. And then the out of office was responding… So we put in some measures to stop auto responders from talking to each other forever.

Sales Page Filter Adjustments

We noticed the sort by date on the sales view wasn’t always working. We did some digging into the database and corrected the problem.

Administrator Tools

After some long conversations, we tweaked how some of the administrator tools function. There isn’t any change on the product end but the customer support team will have more time to help you get the best out of the app, and the development team can rest easy knowing everything is running smoothly – so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Editing Events and The Wedding Event Type

We’re not entirely sure how, but when some users opened the edit event modal, the event type would sometimes default to wedding instead of displaying the active event type. Most users didn’t have this issue, but we’ve fixed it just in case.

Sending Emails and Notifications

Did a spot of clean up in the backend to make sure sending emails to contacts registers the correct kind of notifications for follow-up. Only change on the front end is now sending a template doesn’t show as a notification in the YEM inbox.

Redirect URLs For Enquiry Confirmations

This was a super weird one. When users entered a redirect URL for an enquiry type’s confirmation – the message displayed after an enquiry is completed – the system was redirecting that user during the editing email templates view. It’s now fixed, which is great because those users can edit their responses like before.

The Enquiry Tools

More trimming of the weeds around the enquiry tools coding to ensure it works perfectly on more websites. Addressed invalid URL encoding, rendering issues and layout mix-ups. All round the enquiry tool is more robust and universal.

Cleaner Enquiry Tool Settings, More Admin Tools

This release was all about small improvements to save users time and make things run smoother.

New Features

A Big On-Off Switch and More Settings

The YEM enquiry tool is the heart of our product. We're always working on improving how it can be used, so this release we added some more finite controls of how and when the tab appears.

When you're customising the tool, you can leave it turned off. It's a small change but it makes it really easy to build your enquiry tool and questions the way you want, and when the code is installed and it's the way you want, just flip the switch. More enquiries, better emails.

You can now choose which pages the enquiry tool appears on from within the app. This is really useful if you want to install the tool on every page (and you should, it makes life much easier), you can turn it off on certain pages but keep the code installed.

Enquiry Confirmation emails can now be managed in the email templates view of the settings page - because they are email templates, so it makes sense to have them there.

Roles For Team Members

Last release we offered more security and more control of accounts with the members vs admin function. This release we polished up some of the permissions for each role based on feedback from users. It's nothing exciting but it makes everyone's accounts a tiny bit more secure.


Updates and Fixes

Duplicate details

When contacts were filling out suppliers for the event suppliers tool, if the browser timed out or reloaded, contact details could sometimes duplicate. We did some investigating and solved the problem.

Zero Dates and No Dates

Fixed an odd issue with some very specific browsers where users could enter zero as the date for their event.

Admin Fixes, Updates and More

We updated a ton of behind the scenes things for our administrators to speed up their work and make things easier. Better ways to help users, more specific information and lots of uninteresting, helpful things. They've all helped a lot with day to day admin work.

Members and Admin - A Quick Security Update

We’ve just made some privacy changes to the YEM app by introducing members and admin account types.

Admin users now own the account—if you were a default user or owner before, this is you. You’ll have control over who is allowed to become an admin, and who can be added or removed from your YEM account.

Members can login in to YEM and have full access to the app, but they can’t make changes to the account settings or other team members. Which is really handy for everyone because your team can get their work done, and you can relax knowing your account is safe and sound.

If you were made an admin or a member during the update and you shouldn’t have - you can check your status here.

No More To-Do Lists, The Perfect Inbox

We’ve been busy working on our code to refine the existing features of YEM, reducing busy work for users and giving admin more control. For your consideration, we present the May updates for the YEM app.

New Features

The Inbox: Your New Personal Assistant

Having reworked how the backend functioned last month, we’ve finally given the inbox the facelift it deserves. Tasks can now be ticked off as they’re completed, and are organised by product type. You can login in and view upcoming tasks anytime, and check them off as they’re completed—no more sticky notes or to-do lists, we’ve got you covered.

The Events Page: Cleaning Things Up

The events page is our second most used page, so we’re working on organising the content a little better. It started with separating bookings and tools on the left—we’ll be adding more tools as we integrate them. You’ll be able to access Event Suppliers, add past events and check on pending requests, all from one place. For now, it’s just a facelift, but the makeover is coming soon.

Events View: Focus On What To Do Next

The events view hasn’t changed in a long time. We’ve given it a new coat of paint to make it simple to visit an event, know what to do next, and do it. Event Details are now stored on the right hand margin, while your workflow and event suppliers tabs bring tasks to the forefront of the page. It’s just easier to use and prettier. We promise.

More Security: Members vs. Admin

Okay so you probably saw this in a previous quick update we sent through, but we thought we’d include it here as well, just in case you missed it. We’ve just made some privacy changes to the YEM app by introducing members and admin account types.

Admin users now own the account—if you were a default user or owner before, this is you. You’ll have control over who is allowed to become an admin, and who can be added or removed from your YEM account.

Members can login in to YEM and have full access to the app, but they can’t make changes to the account settings or other team members. Which is really handy for everyone because your team can get their work done, and you can relax knowing your account is safe and sound.

Updates and Fixes

Redundant Event Types

We saw that there were a few redundant event types from various iterations of development. So we merged them together to clean up our database—which is great, because the cleaner things are, the faster the app runs.

Reminders and New Accounts

Okay, so I’ve been chatting to a ton of new and veteran YEM users this week. One thing we keep coming back to is people receiving too many emails, too few emails, or just not knowing which emails do what. So, as we work on this a bit more, we’ve flipped a switch in the back end. Now when you create a new account, reminders are off by default.

This way you choose which emails and reminders you’ll be sent. Which is awesome, because then you know exactly what you’re being sent.

Email Template Button Saving

We changed some settings in how our email templates are created last week. For reasons that can’t be explained, this caused new templates not to save button properties—they still saved on consequent edits. Weird. So we fixed that.

YEM Logos Trying To Escape

When sending an email to certain contacts, the footer of the email would include the YEM logo. We’re all about brand exposure, but seeing as that’s not supposed to happen, we polished up the code on the send to contacts. No more escaping logos.


After another exciting month at YEM, the best way to organise enquiries and communicate with potential clients, we're excited to share our April updates!

The Inbox: Transformed

We’ve been chatting to different users about how they use the inbox. In response, it’s easier than ever to login and see what needs to be done and who is assigned to the task. All communication from contacts now appears in the inbox, so you can see what stage a booking is at as you receive an email. Even more tools in one place to keep your organised

Try it out →

NEW: Send Attachments and Images

YEM’s saved email templates are our most used feature, so we thought we’d make them a little nicer. You can now add attachments and images to emails at any stage of the process, not just for the enquiry confirmation or introduction. This makes it easier than ever to get the information to contacts when they need it.

UPDATE: Settings and Setup

We’ve reshaped our settings page to make it quicker and easier to get your YEM account up and running. The new settings page offers a vertical workflow, so all you need to do is work down the list until you’re setup and ready to go.

Try it out →

Help Us Spread The Word

As ever we love seeing happy customers and helping businesses reach great heights. Any mention of YEM goes a long way, and we’re on twitter now, so swing by and say hi!

Cameron, Product Manager



  • We've plugged our search functions into some google search functions. This will let us do neat things in the future, so keep an eye out.
  • When a new account is created the default image that appears on the enquiry tab is the default user's image - so if you load a pretty picture of yourself and view a preview of your enquiry tab, you'll see the same pretty picture of yourself.
  • Refined a few business types to better reflect the services they provide (i.e. hair and makeup are separated).


  • Minor tweaks to the event image upload page that allows multiple images to be added to an event, as well as creating infrastructure to allow uploaders to search for account names to upload images against. 
  • Added new admin search functions to help the Customer Support team answer questions faster and more accurately.
  • Some images in responses appeared to be in the wrong place (they weren't, but it was confusing) so we adjusted the way the images are previewed in response templates.
  • Tons more tiny tweaks to refine the way our database processes information, sends emails, previews pages and handles saving. 

YEM 1.41.0


  • Users can now upload images on an event specific page for event specific suppliers. It's super cool and makes it a breeze for photographers to choose images for event cards. It looks like this and you can access it from the event's page.
  • Admin can now view a report of enquiry types and assigned users, rather than having to dive into settings or go through another lengthy, unnecessary process. Gives the Customer Support team a quick way to see if an account's enquiry tab is set up correctly. Which is great for everyone.
  • Some other small tweaks to how different pages open. Lots of modals. Not sure what a modal is, but now there's more of them and it makes things easier.


  • We found that if you want to edit a task and set a blank name, nothing happens. So now we've fixed that. The page updates properly.
  • Filters in the back-end now have labels. Handy for those of us who forget which things do what.
  • Corrected an occasional oddity where a weekly report would arrive with a blank white image instead of a pretty graph. We turned the pretty graph switch off and on, so it's working now.
  • Re-plugged in the wires between an account description and their master profile page - they're talking to each other again.

YEM 1.40.0


  • Users (and guests) will soon be able to upload images to an event. This means photographers can start uploading their best snaps from events to the right places. Because who doesn't love beautiful social media content? It's still in the slow cooker and we'll let you know when it's rolled out and available.
  • For now, we recommend checking out the new Portfolio view of your events page: view your events portfolio 
  • We spent some time optimising the app's memory usage. Now things run much faster, searches are quicker and image loading is improved. 
  • Through some programming wizardry we tweaked some of our tracking code so analytics are more accurate.


  • Fixed a bevy (which, in this context, means a small suit-case's worth) of very rare errors that were causing the system to save information in the wrong spot.
  • So turns out when a user's image was updated the system would make another copy of the default user image and save it in the server. The error didn't affect anything, but we thought rather than collecting thousands of useless images we should just fix it. So we did.
  • Added a bunch of cool new admin filters that let the Customer Support Team get to the right accounts faster.