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YEM Pro publishes innovation on the YEM Pro facebook page. Innovation from event professionals around the world and from just next door to you. 

Things work differently in different areas but also different things will work in your area.

Sometimes all you need is great ideas from clever people to help make your business more successful.

YEM will help you streamline

Follow YEM Pro to see what innovative event Pofessionals around the world are doing to build their event business


Relentless persistence will make you

difficult to compete with.


Be Found

Create a network of suppliers and venues you love to help each other receive more enquiries.

Capture More Enquiries

Use advanced enquiry tools to engage with more of your website and facebook visitors, capture more enquiries and impressively respond to them instantly.

Convert More Sales

Collate and nurture every enquiry with impressive and relentless persistence to convert more to sales, be the hardest business to compete against.

Make your business more competitive with YEM PRO.


Create Your Own Network of Allies

Build your own network of people you love to work with. Professional allies you love to refer and happily refer you too. If everyone you love to work with sent you one extra referral a week - how would that help your business? 

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