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Never give out Business Cards

Why do people ask for a business card?  Because they are impressed and want to contact you. 

Well you know you want to contact them, but you also know that if you give them a card, you have no way of following them up and engaging further with them.

Todays alternative is quick and simple, ask them if you can send them your details and some information about your work or even your portfolio.

Most CRM's today (customer relationship management software) have an enquiry input page you can get to on your phone, select the type of information you want to send them and enter their details, click send.

This will send them your details and your event specific template, pricing, picture gallery, information and your contact details and it will put their details into your sales funnel and start a sales conversation with them.

Alternatively you can give them a card and hope they contact you

You have such a great opportunity to connect - with YEM Pro

You have them in front of you and they want your info, so be efficient, personal and professional and send them your information now.

People are always impressed with good tech stuff and efficient professionalism

You will really be increasing the chance of doing business with them by so much!

1 in 10 people

When you give out a business card you have less than a 1 in 10 chance of them ever contacting you.

Contacting them, sending impressive information with call to action buttons and advancing tools will dramatically increase your chance of selling them your product.

How many times have you given your contact details to a sales person and they promised to send you information and it simply didn't come. Capturing a potential clients details and getting them directly into your sales funnel, your sales process, means that they will never be missed and you maximise the possible sales you can make.

A better way with YEM Pro

Open your phone, click on your saved YEM icon or downloaded app

1. Choose an enquiry type ie wedding, party, school formal etc

2. Add their details

3. Choose a template or use your default for that enquiry type

4. Add something personal to the template about where you met (mainly to remind you)

5. Leave the default reminder or change when you want a reminder to recontact 

6. Click send

They receive your crafted template response instantly, they are send to your email inbox and your YEM Pro enquiry inbox and loaded into your database automatically

10 out of 10 people

Having their details allows you to contact them 100% of the time. There is no hoping they will call you back and you can market to them and send them interesting relevant information to assist them with the event or plans that they have.

Bridal Fairs and Trade Shows

You are used to asking people for contact details at trade shows and bridal fairs and you promise to send them information. Then after the bridal fair when you can get up the energy you send information and mostly don't get any replies, so you give up.

With the YEM tool you can capture the details of a potential customer and send them the information they want instantly, auto loading them into your database and your follow up reminder systems so you can follow them up when the reminder arrives You can send emails with show specials and availability for their date with a single click and increase the number of people you convert to bookings simply by keeping in touch with them.

Many exhibitors take days to send information and somethings get the emails wrong, you can ask them to check they have your details live while you are talking to them.

The YEM Events app is for brides but you can cleverly use it to log in and a save you can save your portfolios in links under saved sites which makes it easy for you to show customers your best work. 

YEM app and Links to log in 

You can download the YEM Pro app in the App Store or just save the YEM Pro log in page as an icon on yoru home screen. When you meet someone you want to send information to, click the icon, your saved login details will open up your YEM Inbox and on the top row click new enquiry. It is really that simple. 

Save this log in URL and ask your phone to remember you log in

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