They are just tyre kickers!!!

There are many times when a couple will give you their details and the details about their wedding but it is too early for them to make bookings yet.

It happens with venue referrals, bridal fairs, from guests at weddings you are doing, many times people will genuinely what you information but simply are in a position to even meet with you let alone book you!

Excited new engaged couples make loads of enquiries when they first get engaged because they are so excited but can't make bookings yet.

Normally Venue first

When someone is looking at a Reception Venue they always want to know the suppliers they recommend. 

Booking a venue normally takes between 4 weeks and 12 weeks for most couples and until they have decided on a venue the date isn't normally set in stone and hence they can't book anything yet.

So if you have just been sent a referral then it might be some time before the couple are ready to book cars or a photographer but it may not.


Now I am sure you are used to enquiries that contact you now and want to come and see you now and make a booking now. But many enquires are too early and simply you don't hear from again.

So what do you do to maximise bookings?

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"I Sent Stuff and got No Response"

"You have to think like them"

They are having a wedding and they have maybe 20 companies to select and book and fit within budget and so many many many things to do and so may people to please and all while they are working or studying or both.

This is actually a larger % of your enquiries than you think that are simply very early and with Venue Referrals you have got to them very very early. SO they may not respond yet or mean to respond later and simply forget.


So let's have a quick sales lesson, now I know this is all stuff you know but bare with me please and you will get my meaning.


What if you took all your enquiries and put them in a list, sent them information like you do maybe even follow them up a few times like you might do and them I am assuming you think they have chosen somewhere else.


But what if they haven't - do you trust that they will come back to you or that they will remember all that you have sent them and will simple comeback and book on their own or that someone else is not going to continue to market to them and get the to a meeting and close the sale?

So let's go back to your list and what if you kept sending to them - not annoying stuff - interesting stuff - pictures and info, funnel and crazy stuff. 

What would that hurt?


Because when they get to the point when they are ready to look at your service type, you will be just there.

It is about creating a sales process for all your enquiries

And not just for YEM referrals but all your enquiries, bridal fairs, Website, Facebook, phone calls, any enquiry you get put it in your list. And if they call and book in too see you and book - great but if they don't then you can still be in with a chance to book by keeping in there.

YEM Pro has a cool tool - "Where did they go and why" and this will show you who you are loosing bookings to and what helped the couples choose them over you

Here is a sample for a reception venue for example:
1. Immediate - impressive introduction

All the elements for a great introduction template -

  • Header image - one of you working on their wedding

  • Welcome from you personally

  • What you love about the venue

  • What they love about you

  • Links to your packages or price indication

  • A link to a portfolio of your work, testimonials, awards, endorsements from others etc

  • AN invitation to meet

  • Call to action buttons - what they should do next

Then have a default reminder set to remind you to send out the next email #2

2. Suggest less than 7 days -A simple courtesy follow up

This is a very simple email, just saying

"I was just checking you received the information I sent you and to say I would welcome any questions"

"I would also be delighted to invite you for a tour and see why we are so popular most of the year. Come along, bring your family and enjoy our hospitality and get some wonderful ideas for your day"

Include all the pictures, links, packages and everything again as well as the call to action and a reminder for next week to send the next email

3. Less than another week - Now the fun starts - Nurturing emails - suggest weekly

Here are some ideas of some emails you could send and the topics would depend on the service you provide, like a photographer or a celebrant etc. You all have so much knowledge and experience and couples love reading about things and getting ideas.

  • Meet our banquet team - read their cv's and Let me take you on a tour of our venue - rooms and photo locations

  • Meet our Chef and have a sneak peak of our secret menu coming out

  • Our last 10 wedding floor plans and how their rooms looked

  • What our last 10 brides chose for the song to dance to for their bride dance

  • See out latest Real Wedding Gallery and all the suppliers from each day - what the couples said and what the suppliers all said.

  • Check out our reception Welcome Cocktail options

  • The craziest things that have happened with our weddings in the last year - what have couple done that was different

So the idea is to keep sending interesting things and keep you in the running - ensure that you include in your call to action buttons the option of them clicking that they have made a booking elsewhere.

4. Send out every Wednesday

To make it easy I always suggest you pick the best day of the week that you are the least busy and set all your reminders for that day. When your YEM reminder list comes in, the process is easy and so quick

  1. Click open on the first enquiry reminder

  2. See they have been sent email 4 

  3. click email 5

  4. Click send

  5. Open the next enquiry reminder


Yes it is that quick, once you have set up some fun, interesting, catchy emails, just send them out each week

If you are not a venue and them booking you is further away then maybe send something every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks, the YEM CRM will let you set the default reminder period and you can change it on the fly.

5. Everyone else just give up

Seriously, 95% of venues and suppliers send 1 - 3 emails and then assume the couple have gone elsewhere and stop trying to communicate. When in fact the couple are still at a stage where they can be converted. 

Having a list you can showcase your wares to is awesome and it is very important not to stop. If you have booed them in for a site visit or even if they have booked keep sending them information and cool things it is really important for them to continue to be impressed.

What else?
6. Do you have other services you can offer, accommodation, restaurants, pre dinners, hens parties

What else can you offer couples who have either booked you or not booked you. What other things can you send to the list and make other sales.

Do you have any thing else you want to offer before their event?

7. Where did they go any why

Would you like to know where your lost leads chose and what helped them decide on someone else?

YEM has a very cool tool that you can send to couple once you have stopped marketing to them. 

It is a "Find Available Suppliers" tool - a Directory of suppliers (not including the services you offer) and it says that the couple can find suppliers recommended by previous couples. 

It asks if they have booked a Reception (if you are a Reception Venue) and it says select your reception to see the suppliers recommended by their past wedding couples and see who is available. 

When they select a business it then asks "What helped you decide on this Business"

Results from couples who enquired with you but booked somewhere else can be collated in your sales page in YEM and kept unto date as live figures.


Another reason why adding all your enquiries into your sales funnel will help your business 

Future marketing

Each enquiry is automatically loaded into your database and collated with any data that is gathered in the enquiry process. 

If you had a list of everyone who enquired about having a wedding with you over the last 10 years and they wedding was to be on an April and next month was April, what could you invite all these couples and families into your Restaurant for an Aniversay dinner etc??

Targeted personal marketing to databases are very powerful and you don't have to just offer to the couples who booked you.

How can having extra enquiries in yoru database not be good for your business

even it they didn't book you the first time!

When you travel the same path....... end up in the same place
Maybe it's time to try a different approach

If you would like some help setting up your introduction then shoot me an email

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