Create your own group of friends who you love to recommend and who you would love to recommend you.

Get the YEM PRO referral tool

YEM Pro website enquiry tools has a great referral tool included. When a customer enquires with your business, you can help introduce your enquirer to non-competing suppliers you love to work with, automatically.


Create your preferred supplier list and introduce your nominated Industry Friends to your enquirer


After you invite your preferred suppliers to join Industry Friends they can enjoy your referrals for 1 month*


Your Industry Friends list you as their preferred supplier and you receive referrals automatically

Create your own group of industry friends

Create your own group today by joining Industry Friends. Add the YEM PRO referral tool to your website.

Imagine all your preferred suppliers automatically introducing you to all their enquiries - how will that help your business?

*After 1 month a  subscription to industry friends is $9AUD per month or $99AUD  per year