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Drive-In Weddings

Could Drive-In wedding ceremonies become a thing as we innovate to adapt to the new event challenges today? With projected vision, live streaming and drive through receptions with food and speeches?


The logistics of holding an event that adheres to current government and health guidelines are tricky. Medical experts around the world are warning that the current social distancing requirements may continue for some time yet. And the next 24 months are hard to predict as far as when we can and can't hold large crowd gatherings.

One thing that hasn't changed is Love, and couple's desires to tie the knot and celebrate their union with close friends and family. Literally thousands of ceremonies and receptions are on hold and like never before the event industry needs to innovate and adapt. 

Already the Drive-In Wedding is catching on around the world for ceremonies, opening up new and interesting opportunities and ideas for Photographers, Videographers, Florists, Celebrants, DJ's, Caterers and Venues to name a few.

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