Privacy Policy

Key Points for YEM Privacy Policy

This is a synopsis of our privacy policy, you are welcome to read our full policy below and we would be delighted to answer any questions. This synopsis has been written for those you don't have time to read our whole statement but have some privacy questions they want answered in a few words.

Your Data is Your Property

All the data gathered by you using YEM is your property and cannot be used or sold by anyone other than you.

Secure Cloud Base

YEM uses a secure cloud based database to protect your information.

Your Staff Cannot Take It

Your account data gathered by YEM is owned by the account holder and its users (your staff) are not legally allowed to take or share data either, unless with the permission of the account holder. You can, using the YEM product remove any of your account user as anytime.

YEM Collates Data For You

YEM does collate statistical data (not individual client information) to be able to create reports for your account and again this information is confidential to each account.

YEM Does Not Share Enquirer's Details

The enquirers details are not shared with other businesses by YEM, the enquirer may send their details knowingly to other businesses to allow them to check availability and send information.

YEM is Trusted Worldwide

YEM holds sensitive and valuable data for many businesses and our security and privacy is why we are so well trusted all over the world.

For more specifics, download our full policy.