What is a Honeypot?

Very simply a honeypot is an engagement button that offers the casual visitor something they want and to get it they have to click and can be asked for their details. Have you ever been on a website and would like information right now, well this is exactly what this does, only it does it cleverly.

Adding prospective clients into your sales funnel, getting to start a sales conversation with a new person is the first step towards making a booking.


Honeypot examples


  1. Download packages

  2. Check availability

  3. Ask a question

  4. Request a quote

  5. Hold my date

  6. See recent events 

The key with honeypots is they open a dialog and offer to email what has been asked for right now and all they have to do is is tell you where they would like it emailed to and hence they have made an enquiry with you.

Many visitors are not ready to make an enquiry but do want information and getting them into your sales funnel is the best way to fill the remaining dates you have left.

The Australian institute of management says:


" If you are going to give someone information about  your business, then ask for their details first"

Ask for a list of honeypots for your website or a preview of how you can load and edit honeypots  easily

Someone is on your website... Oops they have just left, without a trace - add honeypots

Why wouldn't you add anything you could to get more clients to talk to - av. 100% increase of enquiries


These are simply anything you can click on, a button or a tab or a pop up, that offers them something they want now and then asks them where they would like that information emailed.

If your google analytics show you have 50 people visiting your wedding page every week and only 10 of them make an enquiry with you. What things could you offer on your wedding pages that might get some more of the other 40 visitors to leave their details?

Download Packages

Offering information is gold because it infers they can get information and then procrastinate over it. A honey pot delivers this information instantly after having asked where they want it delivered and asking for what ever information you want before delivering your packages 


Ask a question

This is a wonderful option when some really isn't ready to make an enquiry but just wants to ask something. Firstly you are starting a conversation with them and secondly they need to give you their details so you can send yoru answer.

Sometime just talking to people about their event is the very best way of converting them to meet and then to book.


Hold my date

This is being used a lot at the moment and it is a very good way of engaging someone. If they ask you to hold their date then this allows you to email or call and book them in to meet with you or to review a contract. They will not expect you to hold the date and then say I will come and see you in a month.

Many businesses use this to speed up the usual procrastination saying, we have the date, here is the contract and to confirm holding the date you simply need to put a deposit down.


Check availability

You have a few choices here you can ask for their proposed event date, you can ask them to send you the date/s they would like you to check and you can send back a one click availability response or you can send them to link of you have your availability already listed in a calendar view.

Either way you would ask for their contact details 

Girl hand up question.jpeg

Request a quote

This is very handy when you want to be able to ask lots of questions. Because they want an accurate quote they will be very happy to tell you all the details you want and this will really help you send a most impressive targeted proposal and contract. If it then sounds exactly what they are looking for it is much easier to then convert it to booking.

booking calendar.jpeg

Our Real Weddings

Couples love seeing your past work and a YEM portfolio also has ask a question, check availability and download buttons on them.


YEM portfolios have real weddings, your awards, your testimonials, endorsements from the suppliers who have worked with you and loads and loads of images and video to look through, such a great way to engage and convert to an enquiry. 

Ask for a list of honeypots for your website or a preview of how you can load and edit honeypots  easily