The YEM Enquiry Tool.

Increase enquiries with engaging tools
and better emails.

Capture more leads. Save every enquiry.

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1. Capture more enquiries

2. Send better communication

3. Collate every enquiry


Capture more useful contact details from every enquiry.


Engage web visitors with a personalised enquiry process and gather information that helps you convert more bookings.


Make the most of every web visitor.

The enquiry tool allows web visitors to make an enquiry from any page on your website.

The enquiry tool allows web visitors to make an enquiry from any page on your website.

Optimise your website with call to action buttons that help enquirers find the information they want.

The enquiry tool features click-to-answer questions
that allow web visitors to complete their enquiry in less
than 90 seconds.

Make a better first impression.

After a web visitor makes an enquiry they are shown an enquiry confirmation.


Most confirmations look like this, and enquirers wait for a response.

YEM instant confirmations look like this.

Stay ahead of the competition with instant, personal, effective enquiry confirmations.


Never miss an opportunity.

Peace of mind that every enquiry is stored in your database.

The YEM inbox saves and tracks every enquiry for when you're ready to follow-up and advance the sale.


Integrations for your existing pipeline.

After enquiries are captured, they can be injected into
your existing sales process or tracked with YEM's custom built CRM.


Help clients book their event.

Curate a supplier directory of loved businesses to recommend to your new clients.


During the enquiry process your clients can request referrals for suppliers from your supplier directory.

Your supplier directory is populated with suppliers and venues you have worked with and were loved by you or your clients.

These suppliers and venues pay a fixed rate, starting at $1, for an enquirer to send them an avaliability request.

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Why is the enquiry tool free?

When a business has the YEM enquiry tool installed, enquirers can send their details to suppliers endorsed by that business' clients. These suppliers pay a fixed rate, starting at $1, to receive availability requests and introduce themselves to these enquirers.

This allows the enquiry tool, CRM and portfolio to remain free.

The YEM Customer Relationship Manager.

Stay organised by saving and tracking emails
from one place so you never lose track of a
potential sale.

Capture more leads. Save every enquiry.

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One inbox for every notificaiton so you have peace of mind knowing you'll never miss a response or follow-up.


Activity timelines for every event make keeping records easy. The complete history of a booking is only a click away.


Send personalised saved responses to clients. No more copy-pasting.

Quickly review events from the inbox so you spend less time checking notes and more time helping clients.

Manage each event personally. Never forget to send that email.

All your communications and reminders are saved in a contact's activity feed. It's quick and easy to keep in touch and stay organised.

Plan events from a single source of truth. Check communications, send emails, update details, assign team members, view complete event history: all from one page.


Send powerful saved email templates.

Save unlimited email templates with beautiful images and consistent style at every stage of your sales process.


Keep the human touch and save time with customizable templates.


YEM email templates are the best way to help potential clients advance their booking.


Never lose track of an opportunity.

Set reminders to follow-up with clients and track the progress of the sale.


Don't reinvent your sales process, streamline your to-do list.


Explore the CRM.

Discover the best way to manage your event enquiries.

YEM Events and Marketing Tools.

Your past events are an untapped resource.

Impress new customers with a beautiful portfolio to share in responses and on social media.

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Gather testimonials and images from every event.


Easily share compelling thank you cards and feedback on social media.


Curate an up to date portfolio to feature on your website, social media and trade shows.

The easiest portfolio you'll ever build.

Event Suppliers gives you the tools to thank your clients, collect testimonials and request images.


Request feedback from clients about you and the other suppliers after each event.


Share feedback from the event with other suppliers to say thank you for working together


Make the most of every event with beautiful testimonials and images.

Event Suppliers creates a range of products to help your business.


Generate supplier lists before every event to ensure everything runs smoothly and you have the details of everyone visiting your venue.


Clients send you their endorsement and testimonial about how you went.


Photographers add images and create beautiful event cards to highlight your success together.

Get started by adding your next event.


Showcase your work on social media.

Curate a portfolio of your best events. Choose which events to feature.

Feature past events and a slideshow of every happy customers on the enquiry tool, on your social media, at trade shows, in responses, and on digital displays.


Impress customers by staying organised, using a beautiful enquiry tool, and keeping in touch.


Personal tool

Easily added to any website, the enquiry tool transforms your contact forms into a more profesional, more personal, and more effective enquiry process.


Beautiful confirmation

After an enquiry is made, show your website visitors engaging, personalised enquiry confirmations - no more "we'll get back to you."

Never forget anyone.

Every enquiry is stored in your inbox so you'll never lose track of a potential client or forget to follow-up an enquiry.


Curate supplier lists.
Build your network, generate exposure.


Ask your preferred suppliers to promote your work together.


Ask for event cards with your name to be featured in their portfolio.

Send preferred supplier banners to promote your work togethers on social media and in responses.


Suppliers and venues can pay to be sent the details of enquirers who ask for the availability of suppliers from your lists.


You can be sent the details of web visitors enquiring with your favourite suppliers.


If you've been endorsed by a client or supplier at an event, you can purchase referrals from suppliers from the event who use the YEM enquiry tool on their website.

When a web visitor ticks that they are looking for your business type, you can be sent the enquirer's details, starting at $1.

YEM Referrals makes it easy to drive sales with prequalified referrals from your favourite suppliers.

YEM Referrals.

Find your ideal clients.

Drive sales through prequalified referrals from your favourite venues and suppliers.

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When clients enquire with your favourite suppliers, they ask to be sent the availability of supplier types they still need to book.


The enquirer sends their details to businesses listed on the host's preferred supplier directory.

YEM Referrals helps you to capture opportunities who still need to book your service, complete with their email address, event date and phone number.


What is a Referral?

Rather than pay per click, where you are charged for someone visting your website or clicking a link, our system is Pay Per Referral (PPR).


During the enquiry process, a web visitor is asked which suppliers they still need to book for their event.


If the enquirer ticks that they are still looking for your business type, they can send you their availability.


YEM Referrals makes it easy to contact the enquirer with personalsied introductions, your availability and to set automatic reminders.


Pay Per Click vs. Pay Per Referral

Most lead generation and advertising is pay per click. This means you pay for engagement on a post or a click through to your website.

YEM Refrrals are different.

Real information you can act on.

YEM Referrals allows enquirers to send you their event and contact details if you are on a host's supplier directory.

Every referral includes all the information you need to check your availability and get back to the enquirer.


Who can refer you?

To receive referrals from a host using the YEM tool you first need to be endorsed by the host's clients or by the host.

Peers can recommend you.

Suppliers and venues with the enquiry tool on their website can add you to their recommended supplier list which allows you to purchase their referrals.

Jane from your favourite venue recommended you.

"We love when you work at our venue."
Jane Do, Function Manager

John from Saturday's event recommended you.

"Amazing job! Can't thank you enough."
John Smith, Wedding Client

Past clients can recommend you.

If you work with a supplier at an event and the client at the event recommends you, you can purchase referrals from that supplier.

To start receiving referrals you just need to add credit to your YEM account.


Set spending limits. Never pay more than you plan.

Control where you buy referrals from and set monthly spending limits.

Referrals without a date or a date more than 18 months in advance are free.

Open a referrals account to start driving sales.