The YEM Customer Relationship Manager.

Stay organised by saving and tracking emails
from one place so you never lose track of a
potential sale.

Capture more leads. Save every enquiry.

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One inbox for every notification so you have peace of mind knowing you'll never miss a response or follow-up.


Activity timelines for every event make keeping records easy. The complete history of a booking is only a click away.


Send personalised saved responses to clients. No more copy-pasting.

Set reminders so you never forget to follow-up.


Never forget to send that email

All your communications and reminders are saved in a contact's activity feed. It's quick and easy to keep in touch and stay organised.

The inbox helps you action the most important tasks.


Quickly review events from the inbox so you spend less time checking notes and more time helping clients.


Manage each event personally.

Every event has it's own page and activity timeline.


Plan events from a single source of truth. Check communications, send emails, update details, assign team members, view complete event history: all from one page.


Send powerful saved email templates.

Save unlimited email templates with beautiful images and consistent style at every stage of your sales process.


Keep the human touch and save time with customizable templates.


YEM email templates are the best way to help potential clients advance their booking.


Never lose track of an opportunity.

Set reminders to follow-up with clients and track the progress of the sale.


Don't reinvent your sales process, streamline your to-do list.

The inbox helps you prioritise upcoming tasks and automatically marks off completed activities.


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