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When clients enquire with your favourite suppliers, they ask to be sent the availability of supplier types they still need to book.


The enquirer sends their details to businesses listed on the host's preferred supplier directory.

YEM Referrals helps you to capture opportunities who still need to book your service, complete with their email address, event date and phone number.


What is a Referral?

Rather than pay per click, where you are charged for someone visting your website or clicking a link, our system is Pay Per Referral (PPR).


During the enquiry process, a web visitor is asked which suppliers they still need to book for their event.


If the enquirer ticks that they are still looking for your business type, they can send you their availability.


YEM Referrals makes it easy to contact the enquirer with personalsied introductions, your availability and to set automatic reminders.


Pay Per Click vs. Pay Per Referral

Most lead generation and advertising is pay per click. This means you pay for engagement on a post or a click through to your website.

YEM Referrals are different.

Real information you can act on.

YEM Referrals allows enquirers to send you their event and contact details if you are on a host's supplier directory.

Every referral includes all the information you need to check your availability and get back to the enquirer.


Who can refer you?

To receive referrals from a host using the YEM tool you first need to be endorsed by the host's clients or by the host.

Peers can recommend you.

Suppliers and venues with the enquiry tool on their website can add you to their recommended supplier list which allows you to purchase their referrals.

Jane from your favourite venue recommended you.

"We love when you work at our venue."
Jane Do, Function Manager

John from Saturday's event recommended you.

"Amazing job! Can't thank you enough."
John Smith, Wedding Client

Past clients can recommend you.

If you work with a supplier at an event and the client at the event recommends you, you can purchase referrals from that supplier.

To start receiving referrals you just need to add credit to your YEM account.


Set spending limits. Never pay more than you plan.

Control where you buy referrals from and set monthly spending limits.

Referrals without a date or a date more than 18 months in advance are free.

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