Auto responders - why are so many venues and suppliers using them


You will see so many leading venues and suppliers using Auto Responding tools to send information to enquiring clients instantly.

Your first email is usually a welcome, a personal introduction to the team, pictures and packages and links to past events to showcase your business. 

The industry standard is now, to do that instantly, they are looking now, they want to information now and they are on your website now, if you don't they will simply leave and keep looking until they get the information they want - use an auto responder to open your response now right there in front of them before they even have a chance to move onto your opposition and enquire with them.

What is an auto responder?

It is a simple tool that allows you to load templated responses that you can craft for each type of enquiry with pictures, from the right team member, with links and information for that type of enquiry, a welcome and an introduction.


The auto responder will send the right response personally from the right team member instantly so your website visitor doesn't leave your site before get all the information they wanted.

Auto responders are easy to install and will instantly respond to every enquiry 24/7. There are reasons that auto responders are so popular and if someone enquires with you and they get all the impressive information immediately, how far ahead will you be of the other businesses they are enquiring with.

Numbers show a huge % increase in your sales process continuing 

If you would like a preview of how an auto responder could work for your website then ask our team

YEM Pro has a very popular free Auto Responder designed for the event industry

YEM Pro has a very simple to install auto responder that you will see on many wedding and event venue and suppliers websites.

It can be installed in a few minutes and turned on and off with a switch. It is a free tool you can you simply add a few lines of Java script to your website to connect your site with you secure YEM Pro account