Digital Shop Front is a very impressive, shareable, networked series of portfolios of the different types of work you do and it’s free


Your Digital Shop Front

You know you have to use Social Media but you may not know how to
make the most of it. This free tool allows you to increase your exposure
to people planning events and improve your social media presence with sharable image content that can easily be posted to Facebook and Instagram.

Your Digital Shopfront will convert likes into enquiries by comprehensively covering all aspects of your business’ offerings. With portfolios, real event showcases, testimonials from past clients and preferred allied suppliers coupled with location services, price packages, availability and enquiry buttons you have the opportunity to stop your visitor’s searching elsewhere. Enquirers can engage with you immediately so you can start your sales conversations.

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If your business needs more enquires and needs to get in front of more people in the early stages of planning their weddings and events then create a free Digital Shop Front for your business.


Showcase yourself

Tell everyone who you are, your experience, why you do what you do and what makes you a great choice for their event. Create portfolios for each of your enquiries types categorised by event to guide visitors to your specific product type. Easily sharable to Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest. Add your best work, feature your talent, draw your new customers in with movement and music. Let your personality shine through in words, Imagery and style.


Showcase where you work and who you love

Each portfolio can showcase the venues you have worked at and the suppliers you love. These are your peeps the people you want to work together with to increase your exposure to people planning their event - the people you want to show to your clients and help them get more enquiries. It also shows your experience and to be listed in your portfolio you can either mark a supplier as preferred or they can activate their listing by adding an endorsement about you


Real events,
Real testimonials

Add galleries of real events, testimonials and all the venues you have worked at. List by supplier type of the allied professionals you have worked with. The more suppliers you list the greater your network will be. The more real events you display the more experience you convey to clients, their friends and your fellow suppliers.

Event numbers, combined with past client endorsement are great for your social media business persona.


Share your real event page with clients to share with their friends and other suppliers

Your real event page has it’s own URL and you can share it with a click. It has what you loved about the event and the testimonial of what your clients loved about you. It has your enquiry buttons so people seeing your real event can ask for information or ask a question - sending you their contact details. The event can also have a series of images as a snapshot of the day and each image can have the name of a different supplier on it in one corner and every image has the photographers name in the other corner. Below the slideshow is displayed all the suppliers who have confirmed they were part of the day.


Each supplier can have their own version of this real event page

When you share your real event page with the suppliers it creates their version of the real event page and it has their URL, their love of the event, their name and enquiry buttons and the testimonial the clients have made about them. They can share this with a click and add it to their portfolio - but in the suppliers below the slideshow you are listed for all their clients, and followers to see and the testimonial the client has made in listed in your pop up.

If you are a premium supplier your enquiry buttons will also be in this portfolio and every venue and supplier portfolio you are connected to.


Activate your listing
on other profiles. Go premium
for priority, preferred listings

Premium suppliers are showing supplier slideshows, listed first in every portfolio, listed larger in every portfolio and have enquiry buttons so people viewing another allied businesses portfolio or real wedding can also send you their details for a quote and availability.

Referrals from other allied businesses portfolios are $1(AUD) each so to become premium you just need to have at least $1credit in your account. You can set the maximum number of enquiries you would like each month, where from and even set the dates you want them for. So for $1 you can receive referrals from venues and suppliers you love, for dates you are available.


Easy, smart instant
responses 24/7

YEM’s fully customisable instant response tool is your Digital Shop
Assistant. Fast, efficient acknowledgment of your enquirer is essential in today’s business. Come back to your customers with concise and helpful information instantly every time. Combined with you comprehensive Digital Shop Front and engaging your client instantly can be all the reason they need to look no further.

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Create this impressive marketing tool, add it to everything!

You will be giving you and all the people you love to work with the most exposure to the most people who are in the middle of planning their events.