Digital Shop Front is a very impressive, free, shareable, networked series of portfolios of the different types of work you do and most importantly makes it easy for visitors to enquire with you.


Digital Shop Front is like no other marketing tool. It is a social media networked with the whole event industry.


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It is a marketing tool you can use to
showcase your work to your own enquiries


It is a portfolio you can show to the
enquiries of your allied suppliers and venues
that you work with


It can be added to the YEM directory
for all people organising an event to find
and enquire with experienced, recommended
and available suppliers for their event.

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Digital Shop Front has pictures of your latest work, your Events, Testimonials and Endorsements from the suppliers you work with. The suppliers you work with have you and your endorsements in their shared and posted portfolios shown to their clients too.

If your business needs more enquires and to get in front of more people in the early stages of planning their weddings and events then create a free Digital Shop Front for your business.



Showcase your work in your portfolios

  • Have a slideshow of your very favourite wedding images

  • A description of what you love about weddings
    and why you are a great choice

  • Testimonials from each wedding client

  • A display of the venues or suppliers that you have worked with or that you have added as a preferred supplier

  • Then thumbnails of your recent real weddings and where they were.

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Publish and Share


Each of your portfolios has a unique
web address


You can pin your wedding portfolio to
your facebook page


You can send it to any of your enquiries
as a link


You can share it with the suppliers you
work with


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Why make them wait?

  • Your profile, portfolios and real event pages can all have enquiry buttons

  • YEM Pro’s enquiry button will introduce you to the enquirer personally

  • Easy click to answer questions, clever enquiry capture

  • Sends the enquirer an impressive instant response with pictures, information links and pdf’s

  • Signed off personally from you

  • Engagement buttons with an invitation to meet

  • All enquiries are loaded into your collated inbox for your follow up

  • Set a reminder to follow up a week later (or a time you set)



Show off suppliers you love to
work with

  • Each supplier type shows a slideshow of the premium suppliers you love

  • Thumbnails of each supplier you have worked with

  • Clicking on them will show their endorsement of you and a description
    of their business

  • If they are premium, they will also have enquires buttons, so your visitors
    can send them an enquiry

  • Premium suppliers are also larger listings, at the top and have a snapshot
    of their business with their distance away and a price indication

supplier listings.png

digital shop front 3.png

Showcase Real Weddings

Each real wedding has it’s own web address and can be pinned posted and
shared with a click

  • Each has a slideshow of their real wedding

  • Each image has the photographers name in one corner and one of the suppliers
    from the day in the other corner

  • A description of what you loved about the wedding

  • The testimonial about you from your client

  • Your name, your headshot and your free enquiry buttons

  • A specials panel where you can offer their friends and family a special offer

  • Thumbnail of all the other suppliers from the day