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Freely download your packages 
anonymously - are you crazy

Your visitor is on your site, they have gone to your event specific page, they like what they see and want more information, they click on your packages and it opens a PDF that they can print and leave.

They were right there and now you have to wait and hope they contact you. ARE YOU CRAZY, all you had to do, is ask them to give you an email to send them the packages and maybe even ask for some information about their event.

You can't start a sales conversation because you don't know who there are or have a way of contacting them.


"Download Packages" are doing words and people who click, can be asked to nominate the packages or information they would like from a list you sent them.

Turn these visitors into possible clients and add them to your sales funnel, rather than just hoping they contact you back.

If you would like to see a preview of how the download packages options could work so simply on your website click and ask

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