Don't make it so hard!

Make it easy to enquire on your website both from a desktop and a mobile. It's not a treasure hunt, don't make it hard to find or hard to do.

68% of wedding enquiries in 2020 are made from a mobile so make it easier for your website visitors to enquire with you.

The new standard is to pin a a tab or wizard, so it is visible on every page, all the time. Pop ups, tabs and exit forms are the increasing enquiry numbers amazingly and they work so much better than a normal form on a mobile.

Wizards with click to answer questions and auto advancing scrolling makes filling in just a little more information easy and allows you to get more data from each customer.

Form completion rate

What you may not know is that many of the old style forms are started and the visitor gives up and leaves the form before sending it to you because it is too hard.

The new style of website wizards have the highest form completion rate then ever before - simply you get more enquiries. 

Add a prominent impressive wizard to your site and see the enquiry numbers increase - the numbers can't lie!

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Try the tab with all it's settings on our display website and email for a preview of how the tab would look on your site.

Make your business more competitive with YEM PRO.

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Make your business more competitive with YEM PRO.

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