What is a Honeypot?

Very simply a honeypot is an engagement button that offers the casual visitor something they want and to get it they have to click and can be asked for their details.

Adding prospective clients into your sales funnel, getting to start a sales conversation with a new person is the first step towards making a booking.


Honeypot examples


  1. Download packages

  2. Check availability

  3. Ask a question

  4. Request a quote

  5. Hold my date

  6. See recent events 

The key with honeypots is they open a dialog and offer to email what has been asked for but they have to add their details to get it and hence start an enquiry.

Many visitors are not ready to make an enquiry but do want information and getting them into your sales funnel is the best way to fill the remaining dates you have left.

The Australian institute of management says: " If you are going to give someone information about your business, then ask for their details first"

Ask for a list of honeypots for your website or a preview of how you can load and edit honeypots  easily

Someone is on your website... Oops they have just left, without a trace - add honeypots

Why wouldn't you add anything you could to get more clients to talk to - av. 100% increase of enquiries

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Make your business more competitive with YEM PRO.

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Make your business more competitive with YEM PRO.

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