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YEM is your all in one cloud based database that can help you capture, store, respond to and market to every enquiry you receive. For website enquiries, email enquires, phone enquires, social media enquires, purchased leads and in person enquires.

An automated cloud based secure database is the backbone of every successful business today and you can use YEM Pro free, simply open an account and read on to learn more.

A database with very clever tech

About YEM

Every successful business today has a database managing their enquiries

> 5:07

If you had a database now, with every enquiry your business had ever received since you started and they were collated by the type of enquiry they made and had things like wedding dates or company details or birthdays, how could you target market to them now with the range of services you offer?

Automatically capturing and storing each enquiry into your own cloud based secure database will create this future marketing opportunity and increase the value of your business. It also makes it simple to respond instantly, follow up enquires and follow on with useful information.

Imagine the marketing you could do if you have a database of every enquiry your business has ever received and what their enquiry was.


Increase Your
Website Enquiries

The power of the YEM website enquiry tab

> 3:17

You have a potential customer land on your site. Besides impressing them, the only goal here is to get them to enquire with you so you can start a sales conversation with them.

Firstly, you need to know live insights on how many people are actually landing on your website, which pages they go to and how many enquire. The add “Honey Pots” to entice them to make an enquiry with you while they are there.

If more people make enquires then you website is doing better and you can start a sales conversation with more people.

You cannot make a booking if you don’t start a sales conversation.

Convert More Enquiries to Bookings

Create a Simple Sales Process

> 5:45

We are more mobile today than ever before and this is why being able to respond to and follow up every single enquiry while you are out and about is critical. Businesses you are competing with will use every tool available to win the booking and you should consider doing the same.

Respond quickly, what to send, when to follow up, when to give up, what you can do with an enquiry that never responded. These are all questions that will be important for increasing your conversion from an enquiry to a booking.

Simply booking more of your enquires with a Simple Sales Process for every enquiry. Website, phone, email, social media, purchased leads and in person enquiries

What to send your Recommendations

Respond more impressively and more quickly with Mobile templates

> 2:44

Recommendations can come to your phone as a push notification and your YEM database will show you your availability with that notification so you can send a predesigned impressive template response from you phone in a few seconds and send the recommendation to your YEM data base for a follow up reminder.

Sending up each recommendation type with a template customised for each business who recommends you and being able to customise and send it from your mobile with a click and then follow up every time - Professional, Personal and Persistent.

Simply more bookings from your Recommendations


Create a group of Industry Friends who automatically recommend you to every enquiry they receive

> 3:24

Personal recommendations are the best leads and the best way to get them from all the friends you love to work with in your industry is to start but recommending them.

Then show them how they can continue to receive all your recommendations by them recommending you to their enquires.

It also means you will be working along side the businesses you love and respect more often and both you and your clients will benefit from that on every event.

Imaging if every one of the friends you recommend, recommended you back. How many new leads would you receive every week? That is Industry Friends

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