Don't make it so hard to find where to make an enquiry with you!


You will see floating tabs on so many successful businesses websites and that is because they work so well on mobile devices as well as on a computer.

Make it easy to enquire on your website both from a desktop and a mobile. It's not a treasure hunt, don't make it hard to find where to make an enquiry with you and don't make it hard to then make the enquiry.

68% of wedding enquiries in 2020 are made from a mobile device, so make it easier for your website visitors to enquire with you on their phone.

The new standard is to pin a tab or wizard to the bottom of every page, so it is visible no matter where they are on your website, all the time. Pop ups, tabs and exit forms are the increasing enquiry numbers amazingly and they work so much better than a normal old fashion forms, especially on a mobile.

Wizards with click to answer questions and auto advancing scrolling, makes filling in just a little more information easy and allows you to get more data from each customer from the enquiry.

Form completion rate

What you may not know is that many of the old style forms are started and the visitor gives up and leaves the form before sending it to you because it is too hard.

The new style of website wizards have a higher form completion rate then ever before - simply, you get more enquiries. 

Add a prominent impressive wizard to your site and see the enquiry numbers increase - the numbers can't lie!

Try the tab with all it's settings on our display website or request a preview of how the tab would look on your site.
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You already have these clients on your site but they may be on your site for different services - not functions - why not advertise to them, it's free.

Showcase your weddings and functions to everyone as weddings and functions may only be a part of your business. You maybe a restaurant or a hotel and people may not automatically know you do functions, so use the tab on your home page to advertise that you do.

People may go to your website many times but didn't look at the other options you have listed, so advertise to those visitors and keep reminding them that you do events.

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Eye catching

With YEM Pro's free web enquiry tools you can have a static tab that is pinned to the bottom left or right of your webpage or a tab that pulses and is more eye catching.


You can have different tab content on different pages to suit the topic of the page - don't advertise weddings on a corporate page or school formals on a funeral page etc

Auto Pop up

You can set the tab to open after a number of seconds  on some pages of your website and introduce that team member who looks after enquiries from this particular page and prompt them to ask questions or engage to get more information, even book a time with them. Auto pop ups increase the number of visitors who then make an enquiry.

There is nothing more personal that you popping up and saying "Hi may name is Jane and I am the wedding manager here and I would love to meet you and send you information right now about us...."

Exit Pop ups

Exit pop ups are new and they will notice when the visitor goes back up to the top of the page to go to the address bar and exit. This can prompt a window to open and offer them something to get or download before they leave, again increasing the number of visitors who end up making and enquiry with you.

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