Grow your event business.

Fill your available dates with bookings using YEM's free Tools. YEM is "Your Enquiry Manager" and is a series of tools to increase your event enquiries and their conversion to bookings.


Grow your event business.

Find out how YEM can help your wedding and function business fill available dates with bookings. Generate traffic, increase enquiries and convert more opportunities to bookings.

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Join hundreds of event businesses who are using YEM increase their enquiries, bookings and work with their suppliers to get more exposure.


What would help your business the most?

Increase your audience, gain more event customer traffic

Increase your event enquiries for available dates

Increase your enquiry conversion to a meeting or proposal

Increase your conversion of proposal to booking

Decrease the amount of time spent with enquiries handling throughout enquiry handling


New Technology

Never before has technology allowed us to provide a more personal, more professional and more immediate response to potential customers. You can use this technology to gain a more strategic advantage in the very competitive market of events.

If is often not what happens if I embrace new technology but rather what happens if I don't.

Do you still have a fax machine plugged in at work? Are you active on Instagram?


The YEM Tools


Let me explain a bit about changing technology

You will change to a capture and immediate response tool - it is just when, every business is looking for ways they can better serve their customers and get ahead of their competitors.


Technology helps drive sales, when was the last time you sent an advertising fax? Clever website tools and social media tools and visual marketing tools are creating great advantages for many in the industry.


"If not now, when"

- Robert F. Kennedy


You can decide where you are, in adpoting new technology, and can your competitors

YEM makes it easy and most of YEM tools are free.


Old style capture only tool

Captures the enquiry and sends an email, not all emails are delivered.


New capture, immediate response and delivery to a CRM.

Capture delivers the details straight into your database, 100% delivery, then emails an immediate response and adds a reminder to follow-up.

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How it works

Website Enquiries
▲ 24%

Social Media Enquiries
▲ 19%

In-Person Enquiries
▲ 16%

Referral Opportunities
▲ 14%

Increase enquiries by capturing more opportunities from every channel.

Maximise your website, social media, phone/email, in-person and referral opportunities with more engaging enquiry tools.

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Convert more enquiries to site visits/proposals.

Stand out from your competition by sending beautiful, personal, engaging communication. Avoid costly errors with complete event histories and a collated inbox.

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With YEM
Converted to Site Visits
Lost 35%
Without YEM
Converted to Site Visits
Lost 55%
Booking Goals 2018


Convert more site visits/proposals to bookings.

Engage potential clients with continued, persistent communication at the right time. Smart reminders offer peace of mind every opportunity is pursued.

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"YEM is exceptional. Our clients love the quick response that's sent 24-hours a day, and all of our staff love how easy the app is to use."


Tom Versluys
Owner, Boulevard Gardens


Tailored to your sales process

We've worked with hundreds of suppliers and venues to refine our understanding of how and why events are booked. Our tools, CRM and email templates work with your existing sales process to make your enquiry management faster, more personal and more professional.


Find out how YEM can help you achieve your booking goals.

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